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We will choose the most suitable technology of your logo production, propose its location and proper size to achieve a pleasant and appropriate look of your corporate and promotion apparel.

Machine embroidery

Machine embroidery provides for the high quality and long duration of design application on textile products. Any textile material can be embroidered. Nothing can influence the high quality of the technology.
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Classic embroideryClassic embroidery

The most frequent kind of embroidery, suitable for all kinds of textile material. Classic embroidery can be applied to already made products as well as semi products, which will still be used in further production. The price of the embroidery depends on the number of stitches, size of the design, kind of material which the embroidery is applied to and number of pieces.


A badge is actually a classic embroidery, which is produced as an individually embroidered design made on fabric with firm edge. This product is then sewn onto a clothing or other kinds of textile products.

Applied embroideryApplied embroidery

This is a classic embroidery which is combined with a textile material of different colour or type. Using such application, a very interesting effect can be achieved. The selection of the application material depends on the requirement for the final design and usage of the final product.

3D embroidery3D embroidery

A 3D effect can be achieved if polyurethane foam is inserted between pieces of fabric. Such technology is mainly suitable for strong materials and products such as caps, backpacks and badges. The technology of 3D embroidery is very demanding for production. Only some designs are suitable to be produced as 3D embroidery. Therefore, we suggest to discuss the possibilities with us prior to placing your order.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a technology suitable mainly for printing on cotton and combined textile materials. You can get the value for your money if the technology is used with fewer number of colours and greater designs. Such technology, however, cannot be used when printing on stitches and other uneven areas of the material is required.
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Colour printingColour printing

A classic water colour print provides for the application of up to six colours on light base materials and four colours on dark materials. It has an extreme durability – washing temperature up to 90°C, it can be dry cleaned and the design can be ironed with no limited temperature. Photographs and graphics with higher number of colours are applied by plastic insulated colours to both, light and dark materials. The design then must be ironed inside out at low temperatures.

Flock printingFlock printing

Flock printing is a special technology of shooting textile fibres onto some glue. The print is soft, it creates the impression of velvet and has extreme durability (machine wash at 90°C, the design can be ironed with no limit on temperature). Only two colours can be applied with this technology.